Brain potential has power to shape economic conditions

Keeping a positive attitude and using brain potential to the fullest are among the top ways to experience success in life. The mind has a tremendous power to shape the world around it, and a person’s outlook plays a key role in this.

Now, a new study has found that this may also apply to economic success. Researchers from the Miami University School of Business have found that optimistic communities tend to recover from recessions sooner.

The team looked at various indicators of economic growth following the 2009 recession and measured communities’ optimism. They found that strong communities experienced recessions that were shorter in duration and less severe.

“Our study is unique in that it shows, for the first time, that mood and optimism can directly affect overall economic activity,” said lead researcher Alok Kumar.

The findings support author and trailblazer Ilchi Lee’s thoughts on brain potential. He says that an individual has the power to shape reality around them. All it takes is concentration and the willpower to make their goals happen.

You are the only person that can give yourself value

The value of self-reliance when it comes to personal assessment cannot be overstated. Author and philosopher Ilchi Lee says that each individual is the only true judge of their own character. When a person realizes this, spiritual growth and personal success are surely around the corner.

“Others will appreciate you just as much as you appreciate yourself,” Lee said. “Don’t look down on yourself. You are a very important person. Your value is huge and precious beyond words. Every human being is a sacred being, infinitely valuable.”

Only by recognizing this value can an individual live a fulfilled life, and this value is only apparent when people stop looking to others to tell them their worth and begin honestly assessing themselves.

While there is certainly value in the opinions of others, they cannot replace an individual’s true self-esteem. External sources cannot tell a person what they are worth or how they should live their life. Only through getting in touch with one’s self and truly appreciating what is found can a person achieve spiritual growth.

Eating a solid breakfast is critical to workplace productivity

With Americans getting less and less sleep and working more and more, it can often be easy to skip out on important daily activities such as exercise and healthy eating.

One thing that all workers should understand is that eating a good breakfast is crucial for being as productive as possible at work, specifically during the morning hours when it can be difficult to get going.

As Ilchi Lee believes energy is an important component in keeping oneself balanced, a solid breakfast can ensure that one gets the boost he or she needs in the morning to show up to work feeling fresh and ready for a long day in the office.

While skipping breakfast may seem like a time-saver in the morning, allowing the person to sleep for an extra few minutes, it can actually take time away from one’s productive hours at work, meaning the company ultimately suffers, which can have a negative impact on one’s job security.

By taking the time out of one’s morning to eat a well-balanced breakfast, a worker can save a number of productive hours in the long run.

Consciousness connects all things

Just as all things on the planet Earth are connected by an invisible flow of energy, they also share elements of a common consciousness. In Korean culture, this is referred to as Chin-ji-ma-eum. Understanding its repercussions could be central to any search for personal development.

While individuals often take for granted the Earth as an inert object that exists solely to provide a foundation for their lives, it is actually a living, breathing thing. The Cosmic Mind, or Chin-ji-ma-eum, is what gives the Earth its consciousness.

This animating energy is the same that flows through all things, including animals, plants and humans. All of these things are a part of the awareness matrix that enmeshes everything in existence.

Philosopher Ilchi Lee says that this type of consciousness can provide a home and sanctuary for anyone who is able to become aware of its inner workings. Through processes of personal development, such as meditation, an individual may be able to become more familiar with the ways in which this awareness matrix impacts their lives.

This could be the first step in a journey toward fulfillment and satisfaction.

A good night’s sleep and limiting stress shown to aid in weight loss

While many people look to restrictive diets and supplemental products to stimulate weight loss and improve their well-being, Ilchi Lee says health is a matter of focusing on the basics of life and searching for ways to live as nature intended. This view is increasingly being borne out by science.

For example, a recent study conducted by the Kaiser Permanente Foundation found that individuals who are seeking to lose weight are more successful when they get a good night’s sleep and limit their stress levels.

After studying several factors in nearly 500 individuals who were looking to lose up to 10 pounds, the researchers found that sleep and stress are two of the most important factors. Those who slept between six and eight hours per night and limited their stress were significantly more likely to reach their weight loss goals.

“Some people may just need to cut back on their schedules and get to bed earlier,” said Charles Elder, who led the study. “Others may find that exercise can reduce stress and help them sleep. For some people, mind-body techniques such as meditation also might be helpful.”

Thousands of people meet their life dream at commencement ceremony

Many individuals believe that Ilchi Lee’s teachings of brain education should be a way to live their lives. In that sense, they frequently look for programs where they can challenge their minds to lead to further opportunities.

As a result, more people are choosing to go back to school in order to advance their degrees. The Florida Institute of Technology recently announced that more than 1,100 individuals received degrees during the Spring 2011 commencement ceremony.

More than 100 of those degrees were from students who were studying fully-online. Multiple students are looking for a curriculum that will allow them to work at the same time, a number of people are choosing virtual programs.

Students who received their degrees were happy to meet their life goals, many of whom had worked for years to reach the certification.

“It has allowed me to obtain a new position and a promotion in a field I never dreamed of,” said graduate Teresa Hines. “Most importantly, I have met some amazing people from the staff, professors and classmates who have already made a difference in my life.”

Biking to work has many benefits

As much as spiritual healing can help a person to maintain balance in his or her life, commuting to work can be a grind and completely throw this balance off.

However, workers have the ability to counteract problematic commutes by using them as a means of exercise, according to a recent Juneau Empire article.

While riding one’s bike to work can seem like a daunting process for those who live more than a few miles away from the office, it can be fully worth it, as it helps the person to arrive at work ready to go.

Rather than taking an energy supplement or grabbing another cup of coffee, a nice bike ride can truly invigorate a person and wake them up, preparing them for a long day of work. While certain factors such as the weather and time constraints can put a damper on one’s biking commute, it is important for workers to try to make it a habit if possible.

One other important way that riding one’s bike to work can be beneficial is that it allows a person to not have to find time for exercise after the lengthy work day, offering him or her more time for other important things such as socializing.

New study on bipolar disorder confirms mind-body-spirit connection

In the dominating Western view of the self, the mind and the body are two completely separate entities that serve distinct functions. However, science is increasingly dismantling this dichotomy and indicating that the mind-body-spirit connection is stronger than previously thought.

For example, a recent study from a group of researchers at Indiana University found that poor posture may actually be a contributing factor to bipolar disorder. For years, doctors had noted an association between the two but dismissed the connection as a random association.

The researchers said that their study revealed individuals with bipolar disorder often experience difficulty maintaining balance and holding themselves upright while standing, and that these problems often precede any mood disturbances.

“It appears that people with bipolar disorder process sensory information differently and this is seen in their inability to adapt their movement patterns to different conditions,” said S. Lee Hong, who led the study.

The findings confirm what author and philosopher Ilchi Lee has been saying for years about the extremely close association between the brain and a person’s physical form. This mind-body-spirit connection is fundamental.

8 Mile speaks of using music against pain

For those who find themselves constantly battling with depression, it may be wise to find a method of spiritual healing that can effectively fill the mind with positive thoughts. This is in essence the principle of Brain Wave Vibration, which leverages the power of music – and other mood-boosting elements – to ward away negative thoughts.

Music is a force that can save people from themselves. Nowhere is this better expressed than in the 2002 film 8 Mile, which details a rap star’s rise to fame from the slums in Detroit, Michigan, as he battles external and internal forces to achieve success.

Lead actor Eminem stresses that the movie isn’t strictly autobiographical, although many consider it to at least be influenced by many aspects of the artist’s life. It begins with the tale of Jimmy Smith (Eminem) as he works at a factory job and tries to gain acceptance among his peers.

The film was received well, both critically and commercially, with critics generally praising Eminem’s performance as an actor. Roger Ebert awarded it three out of four stars and said that he wouldn’t mind seeing a sequel that showed Smith’s rise to fame.

Cosmic energy surrounds everything

Most people tend to feel that the human race is rather isolated here on planet Earth. However, everything in creation shares a deep connection to the heavens and all of their celestial bodies. Understanding this connection, as described by the Korean phrase Chun-ji-ki-un, may play an important role in an individual’s pursuit of spiritual growth.

Chun-ji-ki-un refers to the cosmic energy that flows through everything. It pervades everything on Earth’s surface down to its very core, but it also extends further. This is the energy that helps form our atmosphere and originates from well beyond.

It is from this energy that the people and the animals of the Earth take their sustenance. Without it we would be lost.

While the cosmic energy may be universal, that does not necessarily mean that everyone knows how to tap into it or make the most of it. In order to accomplish this, individuals may need to engage in practices such as meditation or yoga to bring their mind to a place where it is capable of comprehending the intense influence cosmic energy has.

Once a person is ready to realize the pull of Chun-ji-ki-un, they may be more prepared to pursue spiritual growth in a number of ways.