Tai chi shown to support cognitive function

A recent study from researchers at the University of Missouri showed that practicing tai chi helps cancer patients avoid the cognitive effects often associated with chemotherapy cancer treatments. The findings suggest that this ancient practice may have many positive effects for anyone’s brain potential.

“Scientists have known for years that tai chi positively impacts physical and emotional health, but this small study also uncovered evidence that it might help cognitive functioning as well,” said Stephanie Reid-Arndt, who led the investigation.

For the study, the researchers administered cognitive tests to a group of women who had recently undergone chemotherapy before and after they participated in a 10-week tai chi program. The results showed that these individuals made significant improvements in their cognitive abilities during the course of the study.

Reid-Arndt said that this may be because the practice forces individuals to focus their attention. Ilchi Lee has long recommended these types of exercises along with meditation as a way for individuals to maximize their brain potential and preserve healthy mental function. The findings of the study confirm these recommendations.

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