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Positive people feel more satisfied, study finds

Ilchi Lee has long said that keeping a positive attitude in the face of adversity is the key to achieving personal success. It is the most effective way for a person to overcome the obstacles in their daily lives and attain their life dreams.

Now, a new study out of Kent University in the UK has confirmed these benefits. The researchers found that participants who looked for the positive aspects of stressful events and used humor to cope with stress felt more satisfied and fulfilled at the end of each day.

For the study, researchers asked 149 participants to keep a daily diary of the things that made them feel stressed, how they dealt with these issues and how satisfied they were at the end of the day. The results showed that positive people were much happier with their lives.

The results may not be that surprising given the number of motivational stories Lee has about triumphing over adversity by keeping a positive attitude. Negativity and anxiety only serve to slow a person down. However, with positivity, hope and trust in one's self, there is no limit to what a person can achieve in their life.

Thousands of people meet their life dream at commencement ceremony

Many individuals believe that Ilchi Lee’s teachings of brain education should be a way to live their lives. In that sense, they frequently look for programs where they can challenge their minds to lead to further opportunities.

As a result, more people are choosing to go back to school in order to advance their degrees. The Florida Institute of Technology recently announced that more than 1,100 individuals received degrees during the Spring 2011 commencement ceremony.

More than 100 of those degrees were from students who were studying fully-online. Multiple students are looking for a curriculum that will allow them to work at the same time, a number of people are choosing virtual programs.

Students who received their degrees were happy to meet their life goals, many of whom had worked for years to reach the certification.

“It has allowed me to obtain a new position and a promotion in a field I never dreamed of,” said graduate Teresa Hines. “Most importantly, I have met some amazing people from the staff, professors and classmates who have already made a difference in my life.”