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8 Mile speaks of using music against pain

For those who find themselves constantly battling with depression, it may be wise to find a method of spiritual healing that can effectively fill the mind with positive thoughts. This is in essence the principle of Brain Wave Vibration, which leverages the power of music – and other mood-boosting elements – to ward away negative thoughts.

Music is a force that can save people from themselves. Nowhere is this better expressed than in the 2002 film 8 Mile, which details a rap star’s rise to fame from the slums in Detroit, Michigan, as he battles external and internal forces to achieve success.

Lead actor Eminem stresses that the movie isn’t strictly autobiographical, although many consider it to at least be influenced by many aspects of the artist’s life. It begins with the tale of Jimmy Smith (Eminem) as he works at a factory job and tries to gain acceptance among his peers.

The film was received well, both critically and commercially, with critics generally praising Eminem’s performance as an actor. Roger Ebert awarded it three out of four stars and said that he wouldn’t mind seeing a sequel that showed Smith’s rise to fame.

A Perfect Circle’s Thirteenth Step details journey to peace

Ilchi Lee believes that brain wave vibration is a key to purifying the mind so that it is easier to access positive energy which will make it easier to grow spiritually, mentally and emotionally. Simply vibrating one’s body and focusing on each thought can be an amazing way to tap this well of inner strength.

The alternative rock band A Perfect Circle’s concept album, Thirteenth Step, describes a similar journey from the very beginning to the end. The first song, The Package, captures the journey of a man who is addicted to drugs and at rock bottom, having completely forsaken his connection to humanity.

“Eye on what I’m after / I don’t need another friend / smile and drop the cliche… If you need me to pretend,” singer Maynard James Keenan says in a menacing and desperate tone.

Throughout the album, the man slowly recovers – first by going to a hospital for treatment and then graduating to a clinic. The last song on the album, Gravity, speaks of the difficulty and uncertainty of transcendence, but also the importance of striving for that goal.

“I am surrendering to gravity and the unknown / Catch me, heal me / Lift me back up to the sun,” Keenan slowly chants during the chorus.

Easy ways to keeping the mind sharp

Ilchi Lee believes that brain education is an important way to making sure that one’s mind stays strong. One of the best ways to enhance cognitive abilities is through brain training techniques.

AARP.org recently suggested a few techniques that could help improve memory. The first step is to start creating “memory palaces.” Placing things that one wants to remember in a memorable (or strange) location can make the item itself easier to recall.

For example, the news source suggests that a shopping list may be best remembered by imagining the items on the list in curious places. For instance, envision a dancing can of soup on the front step of a house. Imagine laundry detergent poured all over the foyer and toilet paper wrapped around the door.

Another way to keep a mind sharp is to practice “chunking.” This consists of breaking down hard-to-remember numbers and phrases into different segments. If one is trying the random letters VOWSELBAR, try remembering the syllables VOW-SEL-BAR instead of individual letters.

The key is to never become complacent and hitting the so-called OK Plateau. Stay conscious of each task and try to consistently improve upon it.

Till I Collapse by Eminem speaks about finding personal strength

Ilchi Lee believes that brain education can help one find a source of personal strength and overcome obstacles. That’s why it can be important to find motivational songs and other forms of art that can help with the journey.

Till I Collapse by Eminem speaks about that adventure and the fact that one should never give up when trying to chase after a better life. It was featured on the soundtrack of 8 Mile, the biographical film starring the famous rapper.

The tune has been popular in many countries and has been featured in video and basketball games. This is likely because listeners interpret the lyrics as powerful and inspirational. The song begins by stressing that perseverance is a key to strength.

“‘Cause sometimes you feel tired / feel weak, and when you feel weak, you feel like you wanna just give up / But you gotta search within you, you gotta find that inner strength,” Eminem raps at the beginning of the song.

The rapper may know a little about facing adversity. He raised his daughter, Hailie, in poverty while struggling within the high crime and drug trafficking area of Detroit, Michigan.