Three holiday instances where meditation techniques can come in handy

The holiday season can be rough on anyone. With Hanukkah, Christmas, Kwanzaa and New Year's Eve right around the corner, chances are you're already dealing with your fill of holiday stress. Luckily, yoga meditation techniques can be great for keeping cool and under control. Here are three instances where you might need meditation techniques for anxiety this season.

You can't find the right gifts
Shopping for everyone on your list can be a real challenge this time of year – enough so that you might start pulling out your hair if you just can't find the right gifts. Whether you're making your way through aisle after aisle at the store or perusing countless websites, a little meditation can help you stay focused and relaxed.

Your holiday dinner is today!
If you're planning a holiday feast at your home, there's a ton of planning to be done to get ready. Between shopping, decorating, preparing food, cooking and cleaning, you might be ready to call it quits before you even get to cooking. Try a little pre-meal meditation to clear your head.

The in-laws are staying over
The holidays are about sharing moments with family, but that doesn't mean certain relatives won't begin to grate on you after awhile. If you're dealing with a set of pushy in-laws in your home for a few days, make sure to squeeze in the occasional break for meditation.

Anxiety sufferers may benefit from meditation techniques

Anxiety can be one of the most crippling mood disorders. It can make it difficult for a person to even leave their house. The most routine daily tasks become imbued with fret and worry. However, meditation techniques for anxiety may be able to help.

The most common hallmark of anxiety disorder is a persistent fear relating to future events. No matter what is happening in the present, those who suffer from the disorder are constantly looking toward the future with dread.

Meditation techniques can address this situation by helping individuals get their mind off of the future. The practice is effective because it forces people to devote their entire attention to the present moment. This precludes any concern about future events.

The longer a person practices meditation, the more they are able to keep their mind in the present. Like any skill, maintaining present focus takes practice. Sticking with the activity may help individuals create their own inspirational stories about commitment.

Meditation can have a number of mental health benefits, but the most important ones may be for those who suffer from anxiety. Few other practices can help individuals overcome their condition like meditation.

Meditation techniques for anxiety can help individuals improve their health in the present

The attitude through which a person views past events and the amount of time they spend thinking about the past can have a major impact on their perception of current events, according to a new study. The findings suggest that practices like meditation techniques for anxiety that help individuals focus their mind on the present can change the way they perceive their future.

For the study, researchers from the University of Granada surveyed 50 individuals about their attitudes toward the recent past, as well as about how they were feeling in the present. The results showed a strong correlation between a negative perception of the past and discontent in the present.

"We have observed that when people are negative about past events in their life, they also have a pessimist or fatalistic attitude towards current events. This generates greater problems in their relationships and these people present worse quality of life indicators," said Cristian Oyanadel, who led the investigation.

Furthermore, the researchers found that people who negatively viewed the past had poorer health. Oyanadel said that people who feel bad about things that happened yesterday or the day before are less likely to make positive health choices in the present, like eating a healthy diet or getting off the couch to participate in exercise.

Findings such as these confirm teachings of author and philosopher Ilchi Lee. He says that the present is the only time in which the mind should exist. Dwelling on the past or looking excessively toward the future can make it difficult to appreciate what is happening now. Inspirational stories about commitment may help convince individuals that it is time to start meditating and living in the present.

Individuals on vacation can still practice meditation techniques

Vacations are a fun and important part of a balanced life. Many individuals plan relaxing trips for themselves in order to get away from day-to-day stresses and recharge their batteries. While it may be tempting to simply spend a week away lounging by a pool or undergoing spa treatments, practitioners of meditation should be sure to make time for daily contemplation even when they are far from home.

As many individuals plan vacations as a means of relaxation, engaging in meditation techniques for anxiety may be an ideal activity. There are many different places that practitioners can go to contemplate and relax, including the beach at sunset, the bank of a nearby river or a bench in the center of a historic and quaint district. Individuals who are very serious about returning from their vacations with their mind, body and spirit in balance may wish to plan their trips to specific locations known for their atmosphere of serenity and peace.

A location that may be perfect for a relaxing vacation is the Pocono Mountain Range in the Monroe and Pike counties of Pennsylvania. This region is located in the northeastern section of the state and overlooks the Delaware and Lehigh Valleys, the Delaware Water Gap and Lake Wallenpaupack. The majority of the mountainous area is covered in trees, hills and secluded wooded inlets.

The Poconos are an extremely remote and beautifully wooded area that is ideal for the practice of meditation. While it has long been a popular tourist destination, the majority of individuals who travel to the region are also looking for a relaxing and secluded vacation. Most people who plan trips to the Poconos engage in camping, fishing and hiking activities. Peace-seekers may also enjoy the opportunity these pursuits allow for contemplation and meditation.

Practice your best meditation techniques in the U.S. Virgin Islands

The U.S. Virgin Islands are the ideal destination for individuals who are looking to plan a relaxing and tropical getaway. Located in the Caribbean, this archipelago is controlled by the American government, which makes it a relatively easy place to travel to. Sometimes practitioners of meditation feel that in order to improve their connection to nature and the balance of their minds and spirits they need to go away to a remote location. While the Virgin Islands are located close to the southernmost coast of the U.S., they are still a secluded and beautiful destination for peace-seekers to relax.

Individuals should consider working on their meditation techniques for stress while on vacation in this Caribbean archipelago. There are many ideal spots on the islands where practitioners can engage in their contemplation exercises in a peaceful atmosphere. A particularly excellent place is St. John, which is renowned for its amazing scenery and untouched natural expanses. Many couples on their honeymoons choose this island as their romantic getaway due to its secluded feel and gorgeous views.

While on St. John, individuals can meditate on the beach, go for long walks through the forest or explore one of the islands many national parks. The regional government has set aside more than 7,000 acres of preserved land in which travelers may wish to spend time enjoying the sights and sounds of uninterrupted nature. Development has been limited on St. John so while it is a popular destination for honeymooners, it is not hugely overpopulated by tourists. Many of the other U.S. Virgin Islands have been taken over by resorts and shopping districts, which contrasts sharply with the secluded and relaxed feel of St. John's beaches.